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A consolidated partnership based on know-how,
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Kawasaki heavy industries, fondata nel 1906, è leader nel settore dell'industria di base in terra, mare ed aria con la progettazione di navi, treni ad alta velocità, ponti a travate, motociclette, aeroplani e con lo sviluppo di tecnologie produttive all'avanguardia come le strutture per radiazioni al sincrotrone, il laser allo iodio ed i robot.

Kawasaki heavy industries, founded in 1906, is a leader in the basic industry sector on land, sea and air with the design of ships, high speed trains, truss bridges, motorcycles, aeroplanes and with the development of avant-garde production technologies such as structures for synchrotron radiation, iodine lasers and robots.

It was one of the first Japanese companies to establish its own economic bases overseas; today it controls production centres in the United States, the United Kingdom and South East Asia. Its marketing network has also expanded considerably, to embrace development projects and technological exchange at international level.

Having reached its second century of business, KAWASAKI has increased its commitment to ensuring the on-going technological development and globalisation of its business, dedicating most of its resources to innovation; more than thirty years have passed since the great Japanese multinational approached the world of robots with pioneering intuition.

In 1968 it launched the production of hydraulic robots with Unimation licence; this was followed by the autonomous development of electric anthropomorphic robots, until in 2010 it reached the target of 100,000 units, 12,000 of which were on the European market.

This is a complete range of robots with revolutionary technological characteristics and very high performances, further amplified by powerful controllers able to satisfy all production needs.

The cornerstone of this success is the application of the most advanced technologies and the use of innovative materials, according to criteria defined directly in its in-house research institutes.

Currently KAWASAKI is the world leader in the sector and the supplier of major car-manufacturing groups: it is to this reality of excellence that TIESSE ROBOT turned for integration of its own automation systems.

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