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  • Progettazione isole robotizzate
  • Progettazione e produzione robot
  • Automazione industriale
  • Progettazione isole robotizzate
  • Progettazione isole robotizzate
The solutions take shape and substance though a sharing of ideas among the various sectors and use of more than thirty years of company Know-How. The use of always up-to-date CAD instruments and 3D simulators transforms ideas into projects and executive designs both from the mechanical and electrical point of view and the software point of view, making it possible to arrive at the end product. Areas dedicated to assembling the systems allow the production and verification of that agreed with the end client.

Acceptance tests make it possible to refine the process and to involve the client in the verification, in this way making him part of the adopted solutions.

Training client staff together with the installation and commissioning phase marks the formal completion of the project but is also the beginning of a partnership with the client that may lead to new systems and on-going improvements.
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