Kawasaki anthropomorphic robots, with parallel kinematics and double arms.

Scara Shibaura robots for industrial automation in all production sectors.


A long history in robotic industrial automation

Tiesse Robot designs and manufactures robotic systems for all industrial automation processes. Thanks to its solid experience, innovative capacity and design flexibility, Tiesse Robot is able to accompany the customer in all process phases, identifying the most appropriate strategies and anticipating new market trends.

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Robotic automation

Robotic systems take shape and consistency through a sharing of ideas between the various sectors and a careful analysis of the customer's specific needs.


New at Kawasaki Robotics

CL series collaborative robots. The robotics expertise of the Japanese giant meets the innovation of Neura Robotics, a high-tech company based in Stuttgart.

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Tiesse Robot


Plants and Applications

Your industry, our experience.

Tiesse Robot has built thousands of robotic systems for the most varied application sectors: from welding to the servicing of machine tools, from the handling of sheet metal to the foundry, up to palletizing and custom applications.

Tiesse Robots Astorino

3D printed robots for educational robotics

A whole new approach to learning, and teaching, industrial robotics

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Zooming in on the world of industrial robotics

Interviews, news and insights concerning robots and industrial automation.

Design and Production

Optimal performance, solidity and flexibility are the winning cards of the robotized systems designed by Tiesse Robot.