Kawasaki Collaborative Robots

Kawasaki Robotics collaborative robots are special robots designed and developed to meet criteria of safety, flexibility and compactness: features that allow the robot to fit perfectly into the work operations and to collaborate safely in close contact with humans, even without protective barriers.

Tiesse Robot

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Kawasaki collaborative robots


Tiesse Robot

Collaborative robots

Robots suitable for any application and environment. It combines industry-leading performance and speed of 200°/s with maximum operator safety and all the benefits of collaborative robotics.

PAYLOAD3 - 10 kg

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Tiesse Robot

SCARA double arm robot

SCARA double-armed collaborative robot that materialize the concept of collaboration between man and robot. Thanks to the two coaxial arms and the small size, it fit into the space occupied by a single person. Intuitive operation and safe in case of collision with the worker, it move easily to any position.

PAYLOAD2 - 3 kg/arm
[tot. 4 - 6 kg]

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