Tiesse Robot

Turnkey robotic systems

Tiesse Robot is a dynamic company appreciated for its reliability, quality and expertise in governing the most modern technologies aimed at optimization and robotic automation of industrial production processes.
The robotic systems take shape and consistency through a sharing of ideas between the various sectors and a drawing on more than thirty years of company know-how.
The use of up-to-date CAD tools and 3D simulators transforms ideas into projects and executive drawings, from the mechanical, electrical and software points of view, up to the finished product. The spaces dedicated to the assembly of the systems allow to realize and verify what has been shared with the final customer; while the acceptance tests allow to refine the process and to involve the customer in the verification, making him part of the adopted solutions.
The training of the customer's personnel, together with the installation and commissioning phase of the robotized system, is the formal completion of the project but also represents the beginning of a partnership that may lead to new robotized systems and continuous improvements.


Tiesse Robot also has its own Research and Development department in which software, OFF-LINE programming packages and innovative technical solutions are developed to support customer needs, also with the aim of simplifying programming operations as much as possible.
The technical-commercial support, which is the result of years of experience in the realization of diversified robotic systems, offers the possibility to perform preventive analysis, lay out, feasibility studies, simulation processes to obtain a projection of the future robotic island and the work cycles that it is destined to perform.

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Kawasaki Robotics

The partnership between Kawasaki Robotics and Tiesse Robot has a history spanning more than 30 years.

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