Kawasaki Industrial Robots

Kawasaki's industrial robots have high-performance technological features, amplified by the power of the controllers and software that can be customized for every industrial automation need.
They are versatile and flexible, capable of improving and optimizing the quality and efficiency of production processes.

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Robot industriali Kawasaki

Product Type
Kawasaki industrial robots


Very high speed delta robots that can be used in both material handling and assembly in production lines in a variety of industries (including food, pharmaceuticals and electronics).

PAYLOAD2 - 3 kg

Explosion-proof robots that adapt to any robotic painting application feature a programming keyboard and paint-specific software.
They combine easy system integration with high operational performance.

PAYLOAD5 - 20 kg

Small and medium sized robots suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries. They are characterized by high speed, compact design and excellent performance.

PAYLOAD3 - 80 kg

Robots ideal for a wide range of applications in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. They are characterised by their innovative hollow wrist design, which together with the special surface treatment guarantees precision, efficiency and cleanliness.

PAYLOAD4 - 5 kg

Robot with high payload capacity and a large working area.
The robot design ensures a low dead area and high structural rigidity.

PAYLOAD100 - 300 kg

Robots developed for spot welding and high load handling.
They feature a revolutionary hollow wrist arm design that keeps the wrist compact while integrating a passageway inside the robot.

PAYLOAD100 - 300 kg

Robots suitable for accurate and precise handling of very heavy materials.
They are characterised by a very high loading capacity with high torque at the wrist and a large working area.

PAYLOAD350 - 1.500 kg

High-precision welding robots, equipped with specific software that enables quick and easy programming. 
Traditional and hollow wrist models are available.

PAYLOAD5 - 20 kg

High speed and flexible robots with a large working area, specifically designed for palletising applications with a wide range of load capacities

PAYLOAD80 - 700 kg
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