Impianti robotizzati fonderia Tiesse Robot

Robotized plants for foundry operations

The foundry and forging industry represents a strategic and historical sector for Tiesse Robot, to which it has always been able to provide multifunctional solutions - simple islands with two or three machines, linear systems or more complex systems with rotary table - resistant to heat, corrosion, alkaline solutions and acids. 

Robotized systems for foundry and forging operations are used in gravity casting processes, in aluminum dosing and brass dosing processes and in casting handling processes; they are also used in core branching operations in aluminum or cast iron foundries.


Brialma srl - Industrial automation

Brialma srl, a company based in Casto in the province of Brescia, has been working in the Made in Italy design sector since 1972 with the production of anodized aluminium handles for furniture.

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automazione industriale Tiesse Robot

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