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Robotized systems for cutting and deburring operations

The robotized systems developed and manufactured by Tiesse Robot for cutting and deburring operations are able to solve the problems related to the finishing of castings. 
The mechanical operations of removing burrs from metal parts, removing residues from sprues and casting channels and removing excess material are automated with industrial robots capable of optimizing processes, increasing precision and ensuring the quality of components.

Tiesse Robot's industrial automation solutions are expressed in the setting up of work cells configurable in various sizes, with one or more industrial robots and with tool packages capable of completing the required processes: cutting, casting branches, deburring, milling, taping of castings. 
The systems can be integrated with sophisticated vision software that allows the improvement of the setup operations of the robotic island, and to easily determine the size of the burrs to be removed, the profiles to be machined and, consequently, to derive from appropriate databases the optimal working parameters for a technological leap in quality.


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