Tiesse Robot

Research and Development

Tiesse Robot presents itself as a research and development laboratory, where modern technologies in the field of industrial automation are tested and a wealth of knowledge is built up in constant growth.
The goal is to offer companies, whether they are large companies or small workshops, the appropriate solution to their specific production using a consolidated staff of designers and software developers and technologically advanced development software.
Innovative methodologies take shape in the R&D laboratory, capable of giving companies the input that makes them highly competitive, while proposals resulting from the customer's indications are implemented with customizable times and methods with the creation of fully customized robotic systems.
Tiesse Robot performs daily research to improve the characteristics and quality of existing production and to design new software: OFF-LINE programming packages, robot vision systems -bidimensional and three-dimensional- and for quality control.

Turnkey Solutions

The most modern technologies aimed at the optimization and robotic automation of industrial production processes.

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