SCARA Shibaura robots

SCARA Shibaura robots are ideal for selective complementary assembly in all areas of industrial automation.

Tiesse Robot

Product Type
SCARA Shibaura robots


Serie THL Scara Tiesse Robot

THL Series

Energy-efficient, price-conscious SCARA robots. Robust and lightweight thanks to a section made of extruded aluminum.

RANGE300 - 1200 mm
PAYLOAD5 - 10 kg

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Serie THE Scara Tiesse Robot

THE Series

High speed SCARA robots with high loading performance and great precision. Designed for complex automations with rapid cycle assembly.

RANGE400 - 1000 mm
PAYLOAD5 - 20 kg

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Serie THP Scara Tiesse Robot

THP Series

High performance high speed SCARA robots, designed for maximum speed work with continuous operation.

RANGE550 - 700 mm
PAYLOAD2 - 10 kg

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Serie TH Scara Tiesse Robot

TH Series

SCARA robots characterized by large payload capacity, high speed and arm rigidity. Suitable for all application needs.

RANGE180 - 1200 mm
PAYLOAD2 - 20 kg

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