Impianti robotizzati Medicale Tiesse Robot

Robotic systems for the medical and pharmaceutical sector

Robotized systems for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors created by Tiesse Robot meet the requirements of ISO Class 1, 2 and 3 cleanrooms, guaranteeing maximum sensitivity and reliability, ease of cleaning and resistance to sanitizing and sterilizing products.
Robotic automation, applied to cleanrooms, helps prevent human error, risk of contamination and exposure to high potency pharmaceutical ingredients.

Features such as light weight, compactness, cable technology and through-arm tubing make Tiesse Robot systems ideal for a wide range of assembly, dispensing, inspection and material handling applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


IMA Life- Kawasaki robots used in pharmaceutical isolators

IMA Spa Life Division has set a new standard in aseptic processing by meeting the demands of the medical regulatory world for greater flexibility, speed, precision and process quality in the production of injectables.

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Landi Automazioni- Kawasaki robots used in the pharmaceutical sector

Landi Automazioni develops robot systems and PLC programming for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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