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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, founded in 1906, is a leader in basic industry on land, sea and air, designing ships, high-speed trains, truss bridges, motorcycles, airplanes and developing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies such as synchrotron radiation facilities, iodine lasers and robots. It was one of the first Japanese companies to establish its economic bases overseas and today controls manufacturing centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.
The marketing network has also expanded significantly to include international technology development and exchange projects.

Robots: Pioneering Innovation

Approaching its second century of business, Kawasaki Robotics has increased its efforts to ensure continuous technological development and business globalization by devoting most of its resources to innovation. More than thirty years have passed since the large Japanese multinational company entered the world of robots and industrial automation with pioneering intuition.

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Kawasaki and the approach to the market

In 1968 began the production of hydraulic robots under license from Unimation, then developed independently anthropomorphic electric robots up to touch, in 2010, the goal of 100,000 units of which 12,000 on the European market.
This is a complete range of industrial robots with revolutionary technological features and high performance, further amplified by the power of the controllers and able to meet all production needs. The cornerstone of this success is the application of the most advanced technologies and the use of innovative materials, according to criteria defined directly in the internal research institutes.

A partner for Tiesse Robot

Today, Kawasaki Robotics is a world leader in the field of industrial robotics and supplier of major automotive groups: Tiesse Robot has turned to this reality of excellence for the integration of its automation systems.


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