Tiesse Robot

The industrial history of Tiesse Robot

Began in September 1976 with the birth of TECNOMECC, a company specialized in the construction of special machines oriented towards industrial automation.
The decisive approach to the world of industrial robotics takes place in the early '80s, and 1987 is the year in which the agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the direct representation of its product is signed with the establishment of the company SIROBOT: a strategic choice that proved to be the opening of new and exciting scenarios. The year 1991 sees the birth of the company Tiesse Robot, in which TECNOMECC and SIROBOT merge.
The new reality is so interesting for the Japanese partner that Kawasaki takes over 24.9% of the shares.
Ambition and determination, together with the consolidated partnership with the prestigious Kawasaki Robotics Group, have led the company to become an international player in the industrial robotics sector.

Company Profile

The creative answer to the industrial automation of your company.

Research and Development

A research and development laboratory, where the most modern technologies in the field of industrial automation are refined.