Impianti robotizzati manipolazione Tiesse Robot

Robotized systems for handling operations

The robotized systems for handling and packaging operations, designed and developed by Tiesse Robot, are equipped with a complete range of particularly high-performance and fast industrial robots, used within compact and low-cost islands.

Ordering, stacking, packaging... the application sectors of robotic systems for handling operations are varied and diversified: the food sector, warehouse logistics with the handling of cartons and materials, bottling and packaging lines.


Streparava - handling using Kawasaki robots

With the aim of increasing competitiveness and relieving operators of ergonomically demanding and low value-added handling tasks, Streparava entrusted Tiesse Robot with the automation of its servo system.

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robot Kawasaki - Tiesse Robot

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Optimal performance, solidity and flexibility are the winning cards of the robotized systems designed by Tiesse Robot.