Impianti robotizzati assemblaggio Tiesse Robot

Robotized systems for assembly operations

Tiesse Robot designs and manufactures custom robotized islands for industrial assembly lines, with anthropomorphic and Scara robot packages or tailor-made to complete complicated processes and meet any production requirement.
The robotic systems are completed with interfaces and software for inspection and motion guidance through 2D and 3D vision systems, able to identify, locate and uniquely locate a feature of the part to assemble the product accurately.

Industrial robotics applied to assembly operations can reduce cycle times and increase production efficiency.


Aignep SpA - Industrial automation

Aignep SpA was founded in 1976 as a subcontractor of fittings for thermo-hydraulics. It then developed its own product lines starting from pneumatic fittings and then expanding its market: today, it is a leader in the production of fittings, solenoid valves and cylinders. 

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Aignep Case History Tiesse Robot

Success stories from the world of automation Tiesse Robot.

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Optimal performance, solidity and flexibility are the winning cards of the robotized systems designed by Tiesse Robot.