Aignep SpA - Industrial automation

for assembly operations
Industrial automation Tiesse Robot


To make the assembly of fittings flexible, fast and precise.


Kawasaki RS005N robot


TS-Vision 2d vision system

Aignep SpA of Bione, in the province of Brescia, is a leader in the production of fittings, solenoid valves and cylinders. Founded in 1976 as a subcontractor of fittings for thermo-hydraulics, has then developed its own product lines starting from pneumatic fittings and then expand its market. 

Today Aignep SpA produces:
> Connections, i.e. fittings both pneumatic and of any industrial fluid
> Automation with solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders and pressure regulators with related filters
> Solenoid valves for the management of industrial fluids
> Automatic couplings
> Compressed air distribution lines

The entire production is made in Italy and distributed all over the world.

In the video Graziano Bugatti, Director of Production at Aignep SpA
"We recently installed new robotic systems equipped with 2d vision to our fittings assembly machines, where we need a lot of flexibility, speed and precision. We have found in Tiesse Robot, supplier of these plants, an excellent technological partner for our industrial automation needs.
Aignep produces a very wide range of fittings with continuous development of new shapes: in Tiesse Robot we were able to find the open and easy to program robotic system.

Their software allows us to create new programs with different positions or new paths with simplicity and without the need to ask for the intervention of specialized technicians. Moreover, with the 2D vision system TS-Vision developed by Tiesse Robot we have found a high accuracy in recognizing products of various colors and various glosses. On the same plants we switch between brass, steel and technopolymer products of many colors with speed and precision without changing any equipment."


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