Arti Grafiche Turini Spa- industrial automation

for palletising operations
automation for palletising operations Tiesse Robot


Reduce cycle times


Kawasaki CP180L robot


The robot controller is compact and equipped with KERS for energy saving

Arti Grafiche Turini S.p.A., based in Castel Goffredo in the province of Mantua, is a long-established litho-printing company - now in its second generation - that deals with printing and packaging on folding and laminated board. For over 50 years, the company has been internationally recognised for its wide range of products and for the high quality of its products for the food, personal care and home care sectors.
The production cycle is completely carried out within the company: from the storage of raw materials to printing, from special processing to the management and palletisation of the finished product.

In Tiesse Robot, Arti Grafiche Turini Spa has found the ideal partner for end-of-line automation with palletising and packaging activities. The video shows the robotized plant with Kawasaki CP180L Robot, composed of three infeed roller conveyors for the simultaneous arrival of several boxes of different sizes and weights.
The Kawasaki CP180L robot, through the vacuum gripping system that allows to pick up even more boxes, picks up the box and then moves to one of the two exit bays where it deposits it on the pallet.
Once the pallet is completed, the system takes the box out of the robot island where an automatic LGV picks it up and transports it independently to the warehouse.

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