Brialma srl - Industrial automation

for foundry operations
Industrial automation for foundry Tiesse Robot


Automate gravity casting processes.


Kawasaki ZX130L robot

Brialma srl, a company based in Casto in the province of Brescia, has been working in the Made in Italy design sector since 1972 with the production of anodized aluminum handles for furniture. Today it is proposed to the Italian and international market as one of the most solid, concrete and dynamic manufacturing companies with high quality products and technology.
The production cycle is entirely carried out within the company: from the processing of raw materials to the sale of the finished product.

The company has found in Tiesse Robot the ideal partner for its foundry industrial automation needs.
The video shows the robotic plant with Kawasaki ZX130L Robot for the servicing of a gravity casting island.
The robot is characterized by a reach of 2981 mm, 6 degrees of freedom and capacity of 130 kg; resistant to heat, corrosion, alkaline solutions and acids.

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