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for deburring operations
Industrial automation for deburring operations Tiesse Robot


To increase and maintain levels of excellence in the quality of finished products and achieve ever higher levels of efficiency.


Kawasaki ZX165U and FS030N robots for deburring operations  
Kawasaki RS050N robot for polishing operations


2D Vision Softwared 

Lamec srl -founded in the 80's in Bolladello di Cairate in the province of Varese- started its activity in the field of metal deburring and cleaning, becoming a reference point in the sector, distinguishing itself for the innovation and quality of the processing offered.

Over time it has expanded its activities by first introducing the precision machining and since 2005 also a foundry of aluminum and zinc die-casting. This has allowed us to provide our customers with a single and valid reference for the supply of high quality semi-finished and finished products.
The common thread that has always distinguished our company has always been the search for technological innovation in its production processes by automating the processes by creating robotic islands for deburring, machining and die casting.

In the video Davide Varia, Sales Director at Lamec srl
"The collaboration with Tiesse Robot, integrator and distributor of Kawasaki robots in Italy, has allowed us to study and implement industrial automation solutions ad hoc for all our internal production needs.

We have implemented 
> Robotic grinding and polishing cells made by DAN Technology, integrator of Kawasaki robots.
> Robotic cells for mechanical processing, some also equipped with 2D vision system and
> Finally, fully robotic die-casting cells with the help of Kawasaki robots of Tiesse Robot.

This has allowed us to increase and maintain levels of excellence in the quality of finished products and achieve higher and higher levels of efficiency.
Tiesse Robot is therefore our fundamental technological partner in the search for innovative and efficient solutions, always guaranteeing state-of-the-art machinery and levels of assistance that are always prompt and reliable."


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