Euromecc- Kawasaki robot for the automation of welding lines

Euromecc- Kawasaki robot for the automation of welding lines


To upgrade the production line and make welding processes fast, accurate and flexible.


Robot Kawasaki RA010L
Robot Kawasaki RA020N


Three robot systems

EUROMECC is an Italian company - based in Catania - that has been operating on a global scale for over 40 years, and is a leader in the design and production of machines and plants for the concrete and cement industry.
It has entrusted Tiesse Robot with the automation of its factory, which, on the strength of transparent consultancy and active collaboration, has developed and installed three different robotic welding systems using Kawasaki robots.

The first robotized system consists of a Kawasaki RA010L welding robot hanging upside down on a support column, installed on a rail on the ground, which transfers the robot to the two workstations, consisting of PO horizontal lathe positioners with a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kg and an adjustable plate distance of up to 10 meters. 

Thanks to the installation of a second system, EUROMECC upgraded the production line by introducing a Kawasaki RA020N welding robot mounted on a three-axis overhead monorail - with XYZ travel - which increases the robot's working area and two PO horizontal lathe positioners with a maximum capacity of 3,000 kg.

The third robotic system installed, honed on the experience of the first two, is composed of a Kawasaki RA020N robot mounted on an overhead monorail with XYZ travel, two orbital positioners: a 3,000 kg POR equipped with an adjustable counter tip up to a 10 meter plate span, a 6,000 kg POR and a third station with fixed bench equipment.

The two orbital positioners allow for more flexibility in movement and the welding of workpieces takes place in the most appropriate position.

EUROMECC has installed an off-line simulation software program with which technicians quickly create robot programs on the office PC without stopping the robotic islands as they normally do to be programmed, but simply send the programs directly to the islands in production; in addition, all the robotic systems installed are equipped with laser systems for searching and tracking the welding joint, thus guaranteeing greater accuracy, flexibility and quality during production.

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