Landi Automazioni- Kawasaki robots used in the pharmaceutical sector

for handling glass bottles in a sterile environment
Tiesse Robot Kawasaki


Extreme precision and efficiency; avoid operator handling of bottles.


Robot Kawasaki MC004V_F60


The robot body is made of aluminium coated with a special treatment resistant to VHP sterilisation.

Landi Automazioni of Traversetolo (Parma) develops robotic plants lines and PLC programming for the packaging, food and beverage industry through to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. 
With the use of two Kawasaki MC004V_F60 robots, supplied by Tiesse Robot, it has realised an innovative application for a customer company producing glass vials and bottles for the pharmaceutical sector.

The Kawasaki MC004V_F60 robot, belonging to the MC series specifically for applications in the medical sector, features an aluminium body coated with a special treatment resistant to sterilisation in VHP (vaporised hydrogen peroxide) and an innovative hollow wrist design equipped with 6 degrees of freedom with a payload of 4 kg and IP65 grade that guarantees total protection against the penetration of solids and liquids.

In the system built by Landi Automazioni, the two Kawasaki robots pick up the glass bottles by means of a vacuum suction process. The bottles are deposited -in the order of 2,500 per hour- on a tray, which is then removed by the operator and sent to an oven for sterilisation.

Robotic automation in the medical and pharmaceutical sector brings countless advantages:  

  • as the products are sterile, handling by the operator is reduced to a minimum to avoid risks of contamination, errors and non-compliance with operating procedures
  • the precision of handling operations is extreme
  • the high repeatability and speed optimise the entire process
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