Sabaf Spa - Industrial automation

for transfer load servicing operations
Sabaf Spa Industrial automation Tiesse Robot


Optimize cycle times of the transfer load.


Kawasaki RS005L robot


2D vision system

Sabaf Spa produces components for domestic gas cooking appliances: taps, thermostats and gas burners. The company, founded in Lumezzane in the province of Brescia in 1950, today has five production plants located in Italy, China, Turkey and Brazil.
Always oriented towards innovation, it has found in Tiesse Robot the ideal partner for its industrial automation needs.

The video shows the robotized plant with Kawasaki RS005L Robot equipped with 2D vision system.
The robotic system is responsible for the servicing of a transfer load: through the tipper and a feeding system, are made available to the robot that, using the vision system localizes, picks up the piece to load the transfer machine.

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