Samuexpo 2024: Industrial robots Kawasaki at the forefront

Robot industriali Kawasaki Samuexpo 2024 | Tiesse Robot

Tiesse Robot will participate in Samuexpo 2024, the biennial international event dedicated to the manufacturing industry to be held from 1 February to 3 February 2024 at Pordenone Fiere S.p.A.. Our presence will be characterized by the enthusiasm of presenting the latest innovations of Kawasaki Robotics, exhibited in demo cells and corners at the stand Pad: 5 bis - Stand: 21.

One of the main attractions of our stand will be the demo cells: advanced solutions showing the full potential of robotics applied to industrial processes.
A compact PIN PICKING cell equipped with Kawasaki Robotics RS020N robot, new Kawasaki F02 controller and PHOTONEO 3D vision system. The demo cell will demonstrate the searching, picking and handling of brass components inside cassettes, demonstrating the robot's efficiency and precision and application. The BIN PICKING system simplifies material entry and picking of objects that then go to machining.
A second MIG/MAG welding demo cell will present Kawasaki's RA020N robot and SERVOROBOT's MICRO TRAC laser joint search and tracking system. The system highlights the adaptability of the welding path, in real time, to sheet metal deformations thanks to advanced laser capabilities.

Also on display on our stand are two corners dedicated to collaborative robotics
A compact welding cell with Kawasaki Robotics CL108N robot and FRONIUS welding generator. A concrete example of how collaboration between operator and machine leads to safer and more efficient welding processes. A second compact cell, this time dedicated to collaborative palletising, will show the CL108N robot in action on palletising and depalletising boxes on standard pallets, with the aid of a belt positioned at the back and two pallets positioned on the sides.

The corner dedicated to stationary robots on display will feature the RS025N industrial robot, equipped with a laser welding head and FUJIKURA laser generator: a combination of precision and power for superior laser welding applications. 
Also on display, the BA006L Kawasaki Robotics model set up for MIG MAG wire welding completed with a FRONIUS welding source. 

We invite you to visit our booth in Hall: 5 bis Stand: 21 to discover how Kawasaki Robotics is redefining the standards of industrial robotics.

Would you like to know more? You can contact us by writing to tiesserobot@tiesserobot.it