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for machine tool servicing operations
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Optimize quality and production cycle times.


Kawasaki ZX130L robot


Laser profiler

Streparava SpA, a company based in Adro in the province of Brescia, is one of the world's leading players in the automotive sector.
Its activities range from mechanical machining to the realization of machine tools and steel hot forging.

The video shows the robotized plant with Kawasaki ZX130L robot and laser profilometer, whose task is to operate two computerized numerical control lathes and a control bench for the machining of suspension bars. 
Using the laser profilometer, the robot identifies the position of the bar inside the box and performs the pick-up: the bar is then deposited in a straightening machine, then picked up and used to load the lathes.
Completion involves checking and unloading the finished part.

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