We are taking part in BIE 2020

BIE-Brescia Industrial Exhibition Tiesse Robot

Tiesse Robot takes part in BIE 2020, the exhibition dedicated to metal processing and technology, where it presents the following news:
New Kawasaki RS 13-F60 robot which will be marketed from early 2021 and will represent the benchmark in terms of performance.The compact design and all protected motors guarantee an IP67 protection degree to the whole arm.
Demo cell with Kawasaki MC004N robot for medical field.
Compact cell equipped with Kawasaki RS 07N robot that handles parts picked up from “Flexibowl” flexible feeder by means of TS-Vision system, and checks dimensional tolerances in a measuring station through Smart Vision system.
Robotized cell with two Scara Shibaura robots: THE 400 and the new THE 600 which will be launched at the end of 2020 and introduces the new construction philosophy of the fast Shibaura robots, with the new significantly enhanced TS5000 controller which represents the new family of Scara Shibaura controllers. Programming is carried out with the new TP5000 touch screen programming keyboard.
DUARO double-arm collaborative robot which will serve coffee to guests.