We participate in MECSPE 2021

Partecipiamo a MECSPE 2021 news Tiesse Robot

We are pleased to inform you that TIESSE ROBOT Spa will participate in MECSPE:
The biggest event dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry.
The following robotic islands will be presented:
Kawasaki RS013N robot: The compact design and protected drives guarantee IP67 protection for the entire arm. Equipped with Kawasaki K-Vision system integrated inside the controller and camera on board the robot.
Kawasaki KJ125 robot: Specifically designed for painting. Its strengths are its compact design, the 3R hollow wrist which allows the installation of the painting hoses inside the machine and the ATEX explosion proof certification category (Ex ib pxb IIB T4 Gb / Ex ib IIB T4).
Kawasaki RS007N: A new generation of robots, which, thanks to new features introduced by Kawasaki such as the new kinematics and the Ethernet cable already installed in the arm, raises the bar for robots in the handling sector.
Kawasaki RS007L robot: In collaborative version with Safety Skin arm protection for collaborative environment. This device allows the robot to work at its maximum performance or safe speed with the operator present in its working area.
Shibaura THE400 robot: New generation scara model offering high speed movement, with additional integrated PLC, advanced programming and 3D simulator included.