K-ARC for robotic arc welding

One complete and modular cell, suitable for MIG and MAG welding
K-ARC Kawasaki Arc Welding Robot

Dario Daprà, Sales Engineer at Tiesse Robot, shows us the details and features of K-ARC: the complete turnkey solution from Kawasaki Robotics dedicated to arc welding.

K-ARC integrates everything needed for production in one compact cell, ready for Industry 4.0.
Suitable for MIG and MAG welding, it is flexible and features Kawasaki Robotics' arc welding robot and other high-quality components.

The highlights

The first is Kawasaki's BA006N robot, a specific model for arc welding, with a hollow wrist design and dedicated, simple and intuitive software.
The second is KEMPPI's high-level welding equipment - complete with welding gun, power source and gas cooling - supplied in the Basic version. In the Flex version, on the other hand, a different brand of welding equipment can be used. 
The third strength is the cell's space-saving, efficient, flexible and durable design.
The fourth is that it is ready for welding, thanks to the table and starter kit from SIEGMUND that allow us to clamp the workpiece in the perfect position.

The cell also features the Cubic-S safety board and Trend Manager predictive maintenance software from Kawasaki Robotics, which increase its safety and reliability over the years.
A work area extension is also available that allows the addition of a second station.
Another option available is the K-DIY Manual Guiding System, a solution from Kawasaki Robotics for simplified robot programming and manipulation using a 6D mouse.

Dimensions and capacity of the welding cell

Dimensions: 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,300 mm 
Work Space: 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm
Workstations: 1, 2nd and 3rd optional
Working height: 860 mm
Hole grid: 28 mm/100 mm x 100 mm
Maximum Payload: 1,500 kg

Technical Data

Safety module: Cubic-S
Safety/Emergency stop: CAT 4
Robot Type: Kawasaki Robotics BA006N 
Controller: Kawasaki Robotics E01
Welding equipment: Kemppi A7 or optional
Power requirements: 3 phases/400 Volt
Welding methods: MIG and MAG

K-ARC from Kawasaki Robotics is the ultimate compact welding cell.


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