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CL Series collaborative robots
La robotica nell’evoluzione dell’industria | Tiesse Robot

In today's era of rapid technological innovation, robotics plays a central role in the evolution of industry. Companies of all sizes and sectors are embracing robotic automation to address crucial challenges such as global competitiveness, operational efficiency, operator welfare and customer satisfaction. Industrial robotics has, therefore, revolutionised production chains, from assembly to warehousing and welding operations.

In a context of relentless change and progress, pioneering companies such as Tiesse Robot and Kawasaki Robotics play a key role in shaping the future of industrial robotics.
In an environment of change and relentless progress, pioneering companies such as Tiesse Robot and Kawasaki Robotics are playing a key role in shaping the future of industrial robotics.
Tiesse Robot, ranked third for global sales at the Kawasaki Robotics Global Meeting in Irex (Japan), last year recorded a turnover of 38. 9 million supported by Kawasaki Robotics Southern Europe HUB: the coordination centre for the distribution and technical support of Kawasaki Robotics robots in the southern European region and - therefore - the emblem of the partnership between the Visano-based company and the Japanese giant, which has seen the entry of new countries into its service area such as South America, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey. 

CL Series collaborative robots 

2023 also marked the launch of Kawasaki Robotics' CL Series cobot line and these early months of 2024 are confirming the huge interest. This range of robots is designed to work closely with operators in a shared production environment and opens up new possibilities for human-machine collaboration without compromising safety, efficiency and flexibility.
Kawasaki Robotics will present further innovations and new models in the coming months. In fact, the Japanese giant is strengthening its leadership by embarking on a path of innovation aimed at energy efficiency and environmental impact. With the slogan 'Green Robotics for a sustainable future', the brand aims to reduce the environmental impact of its solutions and contribute to the transition towards a greener and more sustainable economy and industry. 
Looking to the near future, therefore, we look forward to further developments and innovations from a partnership that continues to lead the way for a more efficient, safe and sustainable industry.


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