Meet Kawasaki's new assembly robot, model RS07N

Industrial assembly, machine tool servicing and handling also in the electronics and food sectors.
Tiesse Robot Kawasaki

Flavio Marani, System Integrator Sales Manager of Tiesse Robot, presents the peculiarities and applications of the new Kawasaki RS07N robot.
The RS07N industrial robot has an IP65-rated arm, which guarantees total protection against the penetration of solids, the penetration of liquids from drops, vapours, splashes and jets of water in any direction, and an IP67-rated wrist that is dust and watertight. These features make it the ideal robot for industrial assembly and handling applications in the electronics, food and machine tool servicing sectors.

In the video, Flavio Marani explains: "This robot provides excellent positioning repeatability; it is also very fast, thus reducing cycle times and increasing production efficiency.
The large working volume with excellent internal accessibility enables the construction of large, compact and versatile robotic systems. The on-board Giga Ethernet arm with Power Over Ethernet allows easy connection of cameras and illuminators integrated in the gripper.
The F60 controller is single-phase, extremely compact and with low energy consumption."

The robotic system shown in the video, engaged in handling operations, is equipped with the F60 controller connected to a first vision system that provides the coordinates and orientation for picking up the fittings from the rotary feeder. Once the fitting has been picked up, the robot positions it in a second vision system which, with a telecentric lens, carries out a metrological analysis of the component and communicates the result. Depending on the metrological result, the robot implements the classification strategy.
All this in a cycle time never achieved before.

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