Overview of the Kawasaki MC04N robot in the medical sector

Helps prevent human error, contamination risks and exposure to high potency pharmaceutical ingredients.
Tiesse Robot Kawasaki

Dario Daprà, Sales Engineer at Tiesse Robot, shows us the characteristics and details of the Kawasaki MC04N robot: designed to meet the needs of the health, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, in terms of accuracy, reliability and cleanliness in all those applications ranging from sample handling to the creation of individual medicines.

The MC04N medical robot is available in two versions with different surface treatments:
> one version is aluminium coated with white epoxy paint, which provides protection against sanitising agents such as ethanol.
> the other version has mirror surface plating and special seals, which provide a higher level of protection than the white version, also allowing the surface to be sterilised by VHP.

In the video, Dario Daprà presents: "The Kawasaki MC04N robot helps prevent human error, contamination risks and exposure to high-powered pharmaceutical ingredients. 
It has a compact and linear design that facilitates accurate cleaning, a reach of 506 mm, a wrist capacity of 4 Kg and a reduced base; the encoder batteries are installed in a box outside the robot arm, which allows easier maintenance outside the isolator.
The surface protection level, IP65 at the base and IP67 at the wrist combined with the ISO Class 5 cleanliness level and in the plated version the VHP resistance, make the MC04N the perfect robot to perform the most demanding cleanroom jobs.
The arm has been developed with a hollow wrist design, which allows cables and hoses to pass inside the robot, this unique configuration in the market makes it possible to easily install pneumatic or as in this example electrical tools."

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