Face to face with the Kawasaki RS013N robot

The new generation of robots for industrial automation of assembly, handling and servicing processes.
Tiesse Robot Kawasaki

Flavio Marani, System Integrator Sales Manager of Tiesse Robot, presents the peculiarities and applications of the new Kawasaki RS013N robot. A robot that accompanies the RS07N model and precedes the RS025N model, which will soon be available on the industrial automation market.
Characteristics such as sector-leading speed, minimal footprint, excellent positioning repeatability, maximum flexibility and IP67 classification for both the arm and the base - therefore dust and watertight - make the RS013N the industrial robot of excellence for all medium-load applications for assembly, handling and servicing of machine tools.

In the video, Flavio Marani introduces: "The large working volume with excellent internal accessibility allows the creation of capacious, compact and versatile robot systems. The RS013N robot features a Giga Ethernet with Power Over Ethernet on the arm that allows easy connection of cameras and illuminators integrated in the gripper. The F60 controller is single-phase, extremely compact and energy efficient."

The robotic system shown in the video is also built in SAFE ROBOTICS mode, with the installation of a Kawasaki Cubic-S safe card connected to two laser scanners that allows unrestricted access -therefore without perimeter protection- and safe access to the robot's danger zone, ensuring safe human/robot collaboration while reducing machine downtime.
The industrial robot slows down and stops when the operator approaches, then starts again at low speed and then at full speed when the operator moves away.
This mode enables high productivity by providing easy access for the operator to unload and load components to be handled or assembled.

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