Kawasaki robots in prompt delivery

Kawasaki Robotics' warehouse in Germany makes it possible to respond quickly to the growing demand for robots
Kawasaki robots in prompt delivery

In recent years, we have witnessed the significant growth of robotic automation in a wide variety of application areas: from palletising to welding, from machine tool servicing to foundry, from painting and spraying to medical.
Companies, both the smallest industrialists and multinationals, are realising that installing robots in their production process can increase productivity, improve quality and optimise cycle times. 
Aspects that become strictly necessary prerogatives to compete on the world stage. 

The increasing technological demand combined with the crisis in raw material availability are also affecting the industrial robotics market with delays in delivery times for most of the world's robot and automation manufacturers.

However, this does not affect Kawasaki Robotics.
The Japanese giant, now a world leader in the industrial robotics sector, invested significant economic resources when it arrived in Europe in the early 1990s, building a large warehouse at its German site with an average stock, divided between the various models, of around 400 robots, capable of supplying the various hubs very quickly.  

Never before has the availability of robots in stock -for almost all applications- become a decisive factor for Tiesse Robot.


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