K-DIY: the programming and manual guidance system for Kawasaki robots

Intuitive and simplified, allows quick robot teaching
Kawasaki Robotics K-DIY Tiesse Robot

Dario Daprà, Sales Engineer at Tiesse Robot, presents the features and details of K-DIY.
Literally "Kawasaki do it yourself".

K-DIY: the first step towards automation

K-DIY is the new intuitive and practical manual guidance system for learning complex robotic movements without any programming knowledge.
It is available in two versions: one for handling programmes and the other for welding programmes, both with their own specific instructions.
With K-DIY the user simply guides the robot arm along the desired path using a 6D mouse and programmes the individual positions, type of movement and speed in a tablet PC that can be conveniently worn on the arm. 

With the tablet PC it is possible to:

  • Set commands and create individual programmes.
  • Conveniently move the robot using the 6D mouse.
  • Modify and enter positions as required.
  • Easily transfer programs to the robot controller.

Programming a robot has never been easier

The robot's movements and position can be recorded in the programme by directly pressing the button on the mouse and can then be integrated and optimised.
Once the programme is finished, it is possible to send it from the tablet PC to the robot to check the created path and launch it into production.

K-DIY from Kawasaki Robotics makes robot programming accessible to everyone.


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