Kawasaki Robots... in the kitchen

A robot lab in the kitchen of PizzaCroccante
 Robot Kawasaki… in cucina | Tiesse Robot

Automation has been an integral part of industry for many years: from robotic welding islands to cutting and deburring systems, from anthropomorphic handling arms to assembly plants. However, in the kitchen, Kawasaki Robotics robots have never been seen... or almost!
The project is by Lenis, system integrator Tiesse Robot, who transformed PizzaCroccante's kitchen into a fully robotised laboratory. Imagine: a robot that precisely manages the flow of pizza slices in and out of the baking oven and thus churns out the pizza with the same mastery as a master pizza maker.

At the heart of this gastronomic revolution is a robotic cell equipped with sophisticated sensors, safety barriers and a control system based on PLC and HMI: the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) manages the control and automation functions, while the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) provides an intuitive interface for operators, enabling them to interact with the system and monitor the activities taking place.

The robot at the heart of it all is a work of engineering: the three-axis Kawasaki Robotics RS003N, designed for industry but still small in size, is agile and fast, with a payload of 3 kg and an outreach of 620 mm. Equipped with a versatile end-effector and controlled by a PLC that regulates its every movement, this robot moves with millimeter precision along the production line, deftly handling the pizza trays.

Each component of the robotic cell has been customized to meet PizzaCroccante's specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum product quality and process safety: there are sensors on the conveyor belts that constantly communicate with the robot, monitoring the status of the production line. In addition, the cell is also equipped with a camera and safety barriers regulated by Kawasaki Robotics' Cubic.S perimeter system, which controls the robot's movements and speed to avoid any possible collision with pizzeria employees, ensuring a safe working environment.

From the baking pans designed to maximize the crispiness of the pizza, to the control algorithms that ensure uniform, waste-free baking, every detail has been taken care of with obsessive attention.

The result is extraordinary. Just like an industrial line, thanks to this precision automation, PizzaCroccante has managed to optimize processing times and minimize waste while offering quality pizza at competitive prices. And, thanks to the HMI panel, production control is always at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor and adjust every step of the process, even remotely.

In this new culinary paradigm, technology becomes the key to achieving excellence, transforming a simple pizza into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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