Kawasaki Robotics CL Series, the evolution of collaborative robotics

Tiesse Robot | Serie CL Kawasaki Robotics, l’evoluzione della robotica collaborativa

In the increasingly innovative landscape of collaborative robotics, the Kawasaki Robotics CL Series stands out: a range of four models that combine safety, flexibility and a small footprint. Extremely easy to integrate into work operations, they collaborate safely and without protective barriers alongside the operator, adapting perfectly to the specific needs of the manufacturing sector.

The CL Series features a range of four models, each with different payload and reach capacities. The first model, the CL103N, handles a load of 3 kg and has an outreach of 590 mm. The second, the CL105N, handles a load of 5 kg and has an outreach of 800 mm. The CL108N: a payload of 8 kg and an outreach of 1300 mm.  Finally, the CL110N, handles a load of 10 kg and has an outreach of 1000 mm. 
Highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, they perform extremely well in scenarios such as palletising islands, collaborative welding cells and handling tasks.

The four models offer free-standing mounting, take up very little space and are IP66-rated, which guarantees protection from dust and liquids from any direction. A typical feature of Kawasaki Robotics' industrial robots, the CL collaborative series also sees all data and power cables pass safely through the robot arm, also making cleaning extremely convenient.
To simplify the work of integrators, the CL series covers all common interfaces, such as EtherCAT, IO-Link, CAN, Modbus and GPIO. The TCP connector flange offers digital I/O ports (in/out), analogue input ports and 24 V 600 mA power supply. Programming is block-based and allows the use of macros and parts of programs already created via drag&drop, speeding up and simplifying route creation. Once assembled, the path can be launched within the platform's virtual environment to observe movements, trajectories and operations and thus assess its correctness before starting with actual production.

CL Series cobots are characterised by the excellent performance and speed typical of Kawasaki Robotics' industrial robots. With an industry-leading speed of 200°/s and a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm, they guarantee top-level performance thanks to superior components such as integrated 24-bit encoders (among the highest resolutions on the market) and a lightweight yet reliable construction.

Tiesse Robot at Kawasaki Robotics Global Meeting
Last November, the annual Kawasaki Robotics Global Meeting was held in Japan, bringing together Kawasaki robot distributors from all over the world. 
Dario Daprà, Technical Sales Engineer of Tiesse Robot, comments: "Tiesse Robot was awarded third place globally for the number of sales in the last year. This award reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and our desire to offer advanced and reliable robotics solutions to our customers across the globe. This success is undoubtedly due to the entry of new countries into our service area - such as South America, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey - served by Kawasaki Robotics Southern Europe HUB. But the expansion of the collaborative robot offering has also contributed: the launch of the CL Series sparked immediate interest because our customers recognise the quality of the manufacturer and can thus obtain all kinds of robots from a single supplier."

Maurizio Ravelli, President and Sales Director of Tiesse Robot and Kawasaki Robotics HUB Southern Europe, Italy: "With the introduction of the CL Series collaborative robots, Kawasaki Robotics EMEA has truly completed its robot portfolio. The range of top quality cobots allows us to support the end user and system integrator for all new applications based on the best possible technology. Intelligent design, advanced features, performance and intuitive programming software confirm Kawasaki Robotics' leadership.

Kawasaki Robotics has always aimed to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, already offering a dual-arm SCARA - available in two models with payloads from 2 kg to 3 kg and reach from 760 mm to 785 mm - and a series of "safety customisations" that can be installed on industrial robots such as the Kawasaki Cubic-S hardware and Robot Skin. 
Today, with the CL Series of collaborative robots, it has embarked on the evolution of collaborative robotics by driving innovation and offering complete and superior solutions for the needs of the industry.

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