Tiesse Robot at Kawasaki Robotics Global Meeting

Record number of robots sold and a prestigious award
Global Meeting di Kawasaki Robotics | Tiesse Robot

Tiesse Robot is pleased to announce the extraordinary result highlighted and awarded at the Kawasaki Robotics Global Meeting, which brought together Kawasaki robot distributors from all over the world.
The climax of this prestigious event was marked by the presentation of an important award to Tiesse Robot. In fact, the company took third place globally for the number of sales in the last year, underlining its constant commitment and dedication to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the field of robotics.

Dario Daprà, Sales Engineer at Tiesse Robot, commented:
"We are extremely honoured to have received this prestigious award from Kawasaki Robotics and to be ranked third globally for sales. This success is undoubtedly also due to the addition of new countries to our service area - such as South America, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey - and reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and our desire to offer advanced and reliable robotics solutions to our customers throughout the territory served by Kawasaki Robotics Southern Europe HUB."

A further achievement that makes Tiesse Robot proud is the record-breaking sales of Kawasaki Robotics robots, also at a global level, which testifies to the growing customer demand and confidence in the advanced technological solutions developed by the company.

During the Global Meeting, the President of Kawasaki Robotics, Yasuhiko Hashimoto, highlighted the positive trends of the brand in the different markets, while Kenji Bando presented the future prospects for technological and business development.

Tiesse Robot also visited the 26th edition of the International Robot Exhibition (IREX), the world's largest trade fair dedicated to robotics, held in Tokyo, Japan, from 29 November to 3 December 2023.
In a context of excellence and innovation, Kawasaki Robotics presented a preview of a whole series of innovations that we will see in operation over the next few years.

Kawasaki Robotics' solutions aim to further improve automation, labour and energy savings, and the participation of robots in society. The company's main goal is illustrated by the claim brought to the International Robot Exhibition (IREX): 'Beyond boundaries'. Challenges, therefore, can arise in various contexts and applications.

  • Industrial robot zone: 'Beyond the conventional view of production'.
  • Social robot zone: 'Beyond the boundaries between humans and robots'.
  • Healthcare applications zone: 'Beyond distances: healthcare and robotics in the medical field'.
  • Logistics automation zone: 'Beyond the boundaries of robotics automation'.
  • Hydrogen as environmental action: 'Beyond the limits of energy resources with a focus on hydrogen as an environmental solution'.

The pioneering approach of Kawasaki Robotics is also interesting in social, health and environmental applications, but the area involving Tiesse Robot is clearly that dedicated to industrial robots.

Three applications were presented: 

  • Highly versatile modular cell for automotive applications with highly variable volumes and production models. 
    This is a versatile handling robotic system capable of reducing line tooling costs resulting from size changes and re-machining of different parts. The positioning of different types of parts with the help of 2 RS025S handling robots is shown, and the features of this new robot are introduced.
  • Scanner visual inspection and inspection of curved surfaces for small items.
    A robotic visual inspection system capable of inspecting complex surfaces at high speed, significantly reducing inspection time and allowing automatic selection of compliant and non-compliant items. In addition to the demonstration of traditional visual inspection, the ability to automate the selection of compliant and non-compliant items by moving objects by the robot within a one-person work area was presented. 
  • Low-profile spray booth for small parts.
    An expandable Servo Tombow linkage mechanism was introduced, enabling the reduction of spray booth size, reducing CO2 emissions and operating costs.




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